25. april – Ny video fra Balmain på

25. april – Ny video fra Balmain på
14. maj 2007

14. maj 2007

New video from Balmain on

In 1945, Pierre Balmain opens its couture house in Paris. He, then imposes a certain image of the active, elegant and sparkling women, with a touch of easyness.
The "Jolie Madame" style is imposed in 1956.
Since then the house of Balmain distributes in all world its prestigious collections. The historic heart of the brand remains in Paris.

Balmain Paris is a unique concept of elegance, a clientele comprising royal houses and movie stars and as a criterion for fashion, acknowledged by the whole world.

Balmain Extensions

Balmain hair extensions is an innovatiove method of adding volume, color, structure and length to your natural hair. The Balmain Extensions are made of high quality 100% human hair, hand selected and developed with 35 years of experience.

Extensions are connected with your natural hair by using a small bond. Balmain hair extensions will remain in place up to 4 months and will not damage the natural hair in any way.

Balmain 2006 Press Conference – Watch the great Balmain show!

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