Frisyrbilder: ”HILI” av Stipe Filipovic

Frisyrbilder: ”HILI” av Stipe Filipovic
10. april 2015

10 april 2015

Frisyrbilder: ”HILI” av Stipe Filipovic

Most women want their wedding day to look like a fairy tale and be like princesses. However, there are those who want to be different, whose energy is not from prehistoric fables, but from modern stories like „Game of Thrones“ or some untold stories from the future.

These strong women are able to take a step forward while keeping the femininity. Their hairstyles, for the first day of their future, show lightness, spontaneity but also the strength for some new decisions, something uncertain and unexplored.

Their desire for being special and shine with a particular glow on their wedding day, can not be unnoticed. By their appearance they carry the message that the woman is the pillar of the family, made up of differentials, fragility and strength, composure and disturbance, with a lot of love, tenderness and beauty. HILI remained in the avant-garde, her beauty is the future in which she enters with love at a walking pace.

Hair & Accessories / Stipe Filipovic
Make-up / Seka Kozul
Clothes by/ Gordana Zucic
Models / Sarah Cosic-Ivankovic & Josip Tabak
Photography / Ante Cvitanovic
Hair Products / Keune

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